The first time in a long time

A proud moment occurred in my life recently. This may seem trivial and small to you; however, I assure you from the standpoint of someone who has regular mishaps with cooking, the fact that I managed NOT to burn something as simple as chocolate chip cookies is a celebratory moment for me. It may seem like I have disappeared off the face of the earth, with the lack of writing recently, but rest assured–I have been busy with other things–one of which is preparing for my daughter’s first birthday party! *GASP* It sounds cliché, I know, but I am constantly … Continue reading The first time in a long time

We have another night

Why, hello there. I know this is a rather late post about Thanksgiving, but as with the holidays, time is a flurry for me. I’ve spent the past week recovering from the lovely tryptophan-induced coma I was in, while being secretly glad that I won’t be eating any more turkey for at least another year. I’ve been looking at and reading up cookbooks–specifically baking books, like this one. I’ve spent my Black Friday (luckily) avoiding crazy crowds and realizing that Black Friday is full of media hype that benefits retail stores but not the customer.  I’ve managed to read about 15 … Continue reading We have another night

Time is precious

Yes, time was something that I had a lot of as a teenager. Prior to getting my first job, I always wondered to myself what I should do after school and on the weekends. Should I hang out with friends, do homework, watch TV, plan out my next move on my crush? Should I write him more love notes and slip them in his locker? Oh, those were the days. These days, I wonder to myself where I can find more time to do things I need to do. Long gone are the days when I wondered what I should … Continue reading Time is precious

A random occurrence

After my Butternut Squash debacle, I was very hesitant to step back into kitchen. It must’ve been a coincidence then, when I was still recovering from killing my beloved butternut squash that my husband came home and asked me what the burning smell is. I feigned ignorance to the smell, casually saying, “Oh I was just boiling water. Nothing major.” He looked at me incredulously, with a half amused expression. Like, really. “No really, I was boiling water,” I responded. Yes, that’s right. Yours truly has managed to create smoke by boiling water. Don’t ask me how that happened—it just … Continue reading A random occurrence

An extra day for baking

Ever since I saw the December 2011/January 2012 of Taste of Home magazine, I’ve wanted to make cake pops. [I know, it sounds terrible, but I am really far behind on my magazines. It’s because I am a magazine hoarder, but that’s another subject matter]. These adorable and delicious mini-treats are just so tempting. They’re almost too cute to eat. I just wanted to squeeze ’em, stare at ’em, pinch ’em, touch ’em all around the edges…I know, I know. I’m aware that I am borderline inappropriate here, but I just can’t help myself. My creative self is kicking and … Continue reading An extra day for baking

Let’s talk about love

If you’ve been following my {newbie} blog, I bet you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been, right? Honestly, my priorities have been a little more focused on something that’s a tad more important in my life right now–school. I was nearing the end of Spring term, and with work and other things in my life, the last thing that I cared about was blogging…or baking. Now, don’t get me wrong–I still enjoy blogging and baking, but I told myself that it had to be delayed satisfaction, for I HAD to finish Spring term before I could truly indulge myself in … Continue reading Let’s talk about love

Celebrate life’s little successes with cookies

Daydreaming about baking cookies while doing accounting homework. Trying very hard to steer my eyes away from the mouthwatering photos from food blogs. Perusing other food blogs while holding my big, heavy textbook. Yes, Procrastion has been a lovely friend of mine recently. Her name is Sheila and she came to me upon the past week to tell me that I should bake some more. Although I adore her way of thinking, I still had more important things to do. Like homework, for one. Household chores, for two. Last week proved to be somewhat of a lucky streak for me. … Continue reading Celebrate life’s little successes with cookies