The first time in a long time

A proud moment occurred in my life recently. This may seem trivial and small to you; however, I assure you from the standpoint of someone who has regular mishaps with cooking, the fact that I managed NOT to burn something as simple as chocolate chip cookies is a celebratory moment for me. It may seem like I have disappeared off the face of the earth, with the lack of writing recently, but rest assured–I have been busy with other things–one of which is preparing for my daughter’s first birthday party! *GASP* It sounds cliché, I know, but I am constantly … Continue reading The first time in a long time

Celebrate life’s little successes with cookies

Daydreaming about baking cookies while doing accounting homework. Trying very hard to steer my eyes away from the mouthwatering photos from food blogs. Perusing other food blogs while holding my big, heavy textbook. Yes, Procrastion has been a lovely friend of mine recently. Her name is Sheila and she came to me upon the past week to tell me that I should bake some more. Although I adore her way of thinking, I still had more important things to do. Like homework, for one. Household chores, for two. Last week proved to be somewhat of a lucky streak for me. … Continue reading Celebrate life’s little successes with cookies