We have another night

Why, hello there. I know this is a rather late post about Thanksgiving, but as with the holidays, time is a flurry for me. I’ve spent the past week recovering from the lovely tryptophan-induced coma I was in, while being secretly glad that I won’t be eating any more turkey for at least another year. I’ve been looking at and reading up cookbooks–specifically baking books, like this one. I’ve spent my Black Friday (luckily) avoiding crazy crowds and realizing that Black Friday is full of media hype that benefits retail stores but not the customer.  I’ve managed to read about 15 … Continue reading We have another night

Celebrating my freedom

Sometime last week, one of my coworkers asked me to create a “Baking for Beginners” list–tools, tips and ingredients that a novice baker would need. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could create one…because, honestly, I’m very much a novice baker myself. There are many things that I still don’t know yet, and I’m sure if an experienced baker happened to stop by my blog, they would shake their head in despair at the crazy mistakes that I’ve made, and things that I’ve learned. There is so much more to learn. This blog is intended to be a place for … Continue reading Celebrating my freedom

Lady Liberty would be disappointed

I am a very picky eater. There, I admit it. I can’t help it. If it doesn’t taste good to me, then it’s not good at all. This inconvenient trait of mine must’ve started in the womb, I’m sure. Because when I started eating real food after turning a year old, the only thing I would eat was rice and sugar. No surprise there. I come from a place that eats rice almost every single day. It’s a staple that can’t be beat. Now, rice and sugar, on the other hand, is an interesting combination. The only way I knew … Continue reading Lady Liberty would be disappointed