I’m Hoang. I come from a far, far-away land called Vietnam, where I left at the age of 10 1/2 and came to America with my family, which consisted of (at the time) my parents and my brother. I’ve been here ever since. Currently, I live in the beautiful Rose City, and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I started this blog not because blogging is cool (it is!) but because I wanted to learn to be a better cook, particularly a baker, and I needed a place to document all my failures so I won’t do them again. I have been spoiled with a husband who can cook and grew up with my mom cooking for us all the time, so you can say I’m pretty bad at cooking. I’m about as amateur as you can get. But I’m hoping to get better!

To risk sounding long-winded, I’ll let you read my blog to know more about me. Please keep checking back if you’re curious. I would love it if you leave me a comment, and if you like me, feel free to share!



Why Peace, Love & Chocolate?

Because I really believe that in order to have a perfect life, all you really need is peace, love and chocolate. Everything else is just a backup singer to your life band. I may have love, I may have chocolate, but unfortunately, world peace is still unattainable. Until then, I can at least rely on baked goods 🙂





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