State of Biscuit Euphoria

Oh, Pine State Biscuits, you are a total biscuit bombshell. You swept me off my feet with your big ol’ hunk of fried chicken, coupled with exotic, drool-worthy combos like lettuce & blue cheese, or bacon & apple butter. Your cousin, the Cajun spiced fries are also a crowd pleaser. It may sound strange to be eating breakfast food late at night, but no matter what time of the day, you sure know how to please. This girl is in a state of biscuit euphoria.

We (my husband and I) started off a new month with a late-night-date-night rendezvous to a local breakfast joint known as Pine State Biscuits. These guys attracted my attention last year, when walking to work one day, I passed by a long line of people waiting outside the door of this particular place on Belmont St (their old location), waiting to have breakfast. I wondered at the time why on earth people would line up around the block just to be seated at a hole-in-the-wall type of place that barely has enough seating for five people. Nonetheless, every Saturday that I passed by this place, the line was there. People were loyal and patient, willing to wait for one of the best biscuit breakfasts in town.


Fast forward to November 1, 2014 – Pine State has done so incredibly well that they opened another location on SE Division St in Portland, but this one isn’t open late yet. BUT the one on Alberta St does, and henceforth, I suggested to my husband that we grab our booties, shake off any excess of rain, and head out to Alberta Street for a late night jaunt at a “hipster” place. Of course, it goes without saying that as parents, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my mom. She, who lives with us currently, stayed at home after our daughter went to sleep for the night, just in case she wakes up.

Going out late has become our “thing” lately; frankly, it’s the ONLY thing we can do to have a date. As a married couple, dates are important to have, but as parents, dates are hard to come by, especially when one has to think about getting someone to watch their child while they’re gone. With my mom living with us, we took full advantage of it, knowing that eventually she will move out and we won’t be able to go out at night anymore. Our choices are often limited, being that we’re not drinkers nor club hoppers, we typically end up at a food establishment around town.


This time, Pine State Biscuits topped off the evening with an amazing half a foot tall biscuit that urged to slip out of our hands once we picked it up. When we arrived, there were only two other tables occupied, but as the night progresses, the restaurant drew in a bigger crowd. Before I knew it, every table was filled, including the benches. Topping off the aura of the place was a blasting of alternative rock mixed with grunge rock. With chalkboard menus and an eclectic mix of decor – a wall shelf dedicated to rooster sauce, complete with a rooster figurine, in conjunction with rectangular overhead lamps featuring old school sepia images of Charlie Chaplin look-a-likes and long mustached, curly haired dudes, it’s no wonder this place draws in a large crowd.


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