A long way to go

Epic FAIL last night. Just when I thought I’d be successful at making dinner I ended up failing miserably. I should just be banned from the kitchen, period. At least for a couple of weeks. I need time to recover from this major failure. Cue the kitchen doctor, please.

Apparently it is NOT a good idea to put hot contents into a glass baking dish because it’ll break. How on earth did that happen- you tell me! I’ve actually baked using that dish before – with hot contents inside, and it has never broken until now. With my luck, it has to break after it got the news that I spent over an hour preparing it! Bad dish, bad!! You deserve to be punished and expunged, Butternut Squash and Macaroni Casserole! I wish to not speak about you again for awhile.

Do I dare venture into the kitchen again? At this point, I’m not so sure. How many more pasta pieces will fall out of its bag when I pour it out? How many pieces of apple skins will I drop on the floor before it reaches the trash can? Many, I presume. How many cups of liquid ingredients will I spill before it makes it’s way to its final destination? (also known as a BOWL). How many curious glances will I get from my husband about my cooking? Oh so many…

The other week when I was feeling inspired by Molly of Orangette’s post about clafoutis and decided to make it. I had a day off and not only that, it’s apple season!! Molly made the custard/flan/French-inspired dish sound so easy and fun to make. (It’s probably her writing, but who knows). And indeed, it was quite easy. Did it turn out to be the soft, custard-like flan that it was meant to be? Sadly, no. I knew it was a soft, custard-like mess when I noticed my husband taking a bite and then promptly got up from his chair, taking the plate of the aforementioned clafoutis with him to the trash can. (He’ll probably deny this, however, but I swear I saw it). I, on the other hand, braced myself to take another bite and was convinced that it really was not a sloppy mess, that the fusion of brown sugar and pears were amazing (it was!), and told myself that perhaps a little extra thickness wouldn’t hurt next time.

clafoutis with pears and brown sugar
clafoutis with pears and brown sugar

I am not all about mishaps, you know. I do happen to be quite useful at other things, such as sewing (which I’ve taken up again recently, albeit slowly one project at a time), a little bit of drawing, and a little bit of soup-making. I made this wonderful vegetable soup a few times recently during my three-day-off-from-work “staycation.” A very simple and delicious dish. I should just stick to the very basic. Really.

quick Italian and spinach soup
quick Italian and spinach soup

Because it’s fall, and apple season, I was planning on making pumpkin apple pie. Yes, pumpkin and apple- how lovely would those be?!?! Stay tuned for more failing adventures in the world of my cooking abilities. I have a lllooonnnggg way to go. Let’s just leave it at that.

Between soup making, cleaning up my glass-broke-in-the-oven casserole and baking clafoutis, I said goodbye to my wonderful glass baking dish from IKEA, I did enjoy some much needed time at home with my baby. She’s been learning a few new tricks up her sleeve, one of which involves holding, sucking, and trying to peel fruits.

peeling an orange

…and enjoying a simple breakfast, that of which I can make!

French bread and coffee
French bread and coffee

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