Let’s talk about love

If you’ve been following my {newbie} blog, I bet you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been, right?

Honestly, my priorities have been a little more focused on something that’s a tad more important in my life right now–school. I was nearing the end of Spring term, and with work and other things in my life, the last thing that I cared about was blogging…or baking. Now, don’t get me wrong–I still enjoy blogging and baking, but I told myself that it had to be delayed satisfaction, for I HAD to finish Spring term before I could truly indulge myself in baking. Unless you have a cute, adorable little kitchen like mine.

Yep, I lied. I did bake, and did feel a major urge to bake some more, especially after several ‘incidents’ or rather, realizations that perhaps things were not going the way that I wanted to. I vaguely remember saying something like this in my previous post…

“There were other things that happened that made my week really successful. Of course, I can’t tell you about it, because… well, I try not to talk about work. I think that our work lives and personal lives should be kept as separate as possible. In any case, I’ll give you a hint–I got something that I wanted at work. Plus, I had a customer show extreme praise for my work. It felt really nice. And surprising at the same time. It seemed as if things are getting better”


Scratch that. It’s not true. I was living on cloud nine. My optimistic self took over, and I was seeing bubbles with kittens. I had to get back to reality.

But then again, who really has a perfect life, right? That’s all I can say.

To fill you in on what’s been happening in my life in the past few weeks, let me tell you about a few loves of mine. For example, I love Martha Stewart. There, I said it. I don’t care what people think. I don’t care if she’s been to court or house arrest or whatever the heck it was (I don’t pay attention to that kind of drama in the celebrity world), I still think she’s a pretty amazingly, successful woman. She’s built an empire for herself–a woman to envy. So it intrigued me when I was browsing her web site searching for the next great recipe (not surprising, right?) and saw this recipe for a blueberry scone; after all, I have been thinking about scones a lot.

Which brings me to my other love–my relationship with Starbucks bluerry scones, the one thing that keeps me coming back. Besides the coffee, that is 🙂

These lovely cake-like scones are to die for. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it because they are amazing. It’s not uncommon for me to go to Starbucks every Saturday when I’m working to get a blueberry scone, even if it is $2.25 per scone. Price has no relevance in my world when compared to taste. I am willing to pay a little extra to get something that truly tastes great. The last few times that I’ve eaten this scone, I wondered to myself–how can I make this? After all, I can only afford so many $2.25 scones in a month before I drain my discretionary spending allowance.

Back to the recipe. About two weeks ago, I decided to try out the recipe myself, knowing that my husband’s birthday was around the corner, and I wanted to wow him with some crazy, good scones. The first time I tried this recipe, I followed it verbatim ( as I usually do with every recipe the very first time I make it), and discovered that it tasted more like a biscuit, even though it had the look and texture of a scone. Hence, a new name was created–the biscone.

Yep, I invented something new. But it was my savvy husband who coined the term “biscone.”

Although this recipe from the lovely Martha Stewart’s web site is great, it all comes down to the baker…and the oven. I realized that technique is really important. The less that you handle the dough, the better. The more knowledgeable you are about your oven, the better. For my oven, the equivalent of 22 minutes is more like 18-19 minutes. I also like to give it plenty of time to pre-heat.

The first time I made these scones, I had some folks as my guinea pigs, with my husband being one of them. [Thanks honey!]. Although they all claimed it was good, I was still not personally satisfied. I was not blown away with it, and thought I could improve and make the recipe my own. Therefore, the second time I attempted it was late at night, around 10 p.m., the evening before Dameion’s [hubby] birthday, I stayed up and baked…as a surprise for him. Since I wanted the scones to be a bit more soft and cake-like, I decided to use more cake flower. Instead of the 1/2 cup of cake flower the recipe calls for, I used almost a full cup. In addition, I played with the dough a little bit less than the first time, and it came out perfect.

This simple scone recipe sure knows how to brighten my day. And the birthday boy woke up on the first day of his 26th year with his coffee ready and a plate of yummy scones to taste before he headed off to work. I felt satisfied. Finally.

[P.S.–I cheated and bought him a birthday cake at the store. There’s no way I could pull off an amazing German chocolate cake, no way].


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