Celebrate life’s little successes with cookies

Daydreaming about baking cookies while doing accounting homework. Trying very hard to steer my eyes away from the mouthwatering photos from food blogs. Perusing other food blogs while holding my big, heavy textbook.

Yes, Procrastion has been a lovely friend of mine recently. Her name is Sheila and she came to me upon the past week to tell me that I should bake some more. Although I adore her way of thinking, I still had more important things to do. Like homework, for one. Household chores, for two.

Last week proved to be somewhat of a lucky streak for me. I felt like crappy, blehh days are slowly going away, and I was instantly hit with a bunch of good news–for both of us, my husband and I. For one, he was accepted into a local University. This was no doubt a success, an event that caused a stir of happiness between both of us. I’m so excited for him! 🙂

There were other things that happened that made my week really successful. Of course, I can’t tell you about it, because… well, I try not to talk about work. I think that our work lives and personal lives should be kept as separate as possible. In any case, I’ll give you a hint–I got something that I wanted at work. Plus, I had a customer show extreme praise for my work. It felt really nice. And surprising at the same time. It seemed as if things are getting better.

Is my lucky streak going to continue? I don’t know. But what I do know is that you should always celebrate life’s little successes, because I believe that all the good little things that happen to you will eventually lead to bigger, better things one day. At least Sheila got that right. 😉

As I was perusing food blogs on the internet, I always go back to one of my favorite blogs. I think of the author- Molly- as a writing goddess. I’m convinced I will never be as successful in the food blog world as she is, but hopefully I’m wrong about that! Anyway, because I was dying to bake cookies (to celebrate life’s little successes, of course), I looked for a cookie recipe that will give me a spike in chocolate. This particular cookie recipe definitely beat all the other chocolate chip cookies to the punch.

BUT I told myself that before I made these cookies, that I will be good and deny my procrastination friend her pleasure by actually finishing all of my homework and other chores before baking. Sunday came around, and indeed–I managed to finish what I needed to do, and as my husband was hanging out with one of his old, long-time friends, I had the whole kitchen (and apartment!) to myself, I started baking.

This recipe is really as simple as it sounds. It didn’t take me that long to prepare the batch. Just a few basic ingredients, and if you prefer, you can put nuts in there, or chocolate chips, as it calls for. I decided on both. I needed my chocolate fix and I also had almonds in my pantry, so I thought why not? They ended up pretty good. One thing to note though–every oven is different, and every recipe should be tweaked in some way or another. For I baked these cookies for about 10 minutes as stated on the recipe, and it came out nice and soft. However, as time goes by, even after leaving it in the fridge, the cookies stayed soft. Extra soft. Perhaps too soft? I brought some cookies to work, and was told by others that the cookies were good–however, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe I should’ve left it in the oven for an extra 3-4 minutes. I like my cookies soft and chewy, but not too soft and chewy. Make sense , right? 😉

They’re supposed to be a little “crackly” therefore it’s almost like a crackly-brownie-cookie. Nonetheless, it was delicious.

We’ll see how the next week or two pans out for me. I can almost see that my next baking adventure will involve coffee cake. Or maybe a chocolate cake 🙂


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