Because a crappy day deserves cupcakes

One, two, three. *Breathe* Here we go.

I feel a little strange blogging. To be honest with you, the thought of exposing myself to the world (or rather, the virtual world) is a little bit scary for me. I consider myself a private person, someone who doesn’t typically share everything about herself, because she thinks sometimes people share too much unnecessary information about themselves (but that’s another subject for later!). The fact that I’m sitting here at 11 o’clock at night, typing away when I really should be sleeping or something means that I see something on the horizon for me.

Before I go into much detail, let me confess: I am really not that great of a cook. In fact, my husband is the chef in the family. We joke about my inabilities to handle kitchen tools, lack of cooking techniques, and everything in between. Cooking is more of his thing than mine. But as stereotypes would have it, I figured I need to learn at some point. Since he’s good at just about everything food-related, I figured that I should have at least one thing that I can perfect on my own–one skill in the kitchen.


 That’s where baking comes in. I’ve always enjoyed baking, but haven’t had the urge to bake anything…until recently. It was mid last week, when I was having a pretty bleehhh day–the kind of day where I felt uninspired, unmotivated, and unlucky. I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve, and nothing was happening…at least, not at the pace that I wanted. I was restless, you might say. As I’m browsing the internet, I come upon this amazing cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart’s web site and was so enchanted by it that I felt the need to try it immediately. I really needed a perk-me-up, and seeing a picture of this cupcake almost made me drool. (I know, gross, right?!)

Long story short–I marched to the store, bought a few ingredients, went home and made the cupcakes. To me, the process of baking the cupcakes were even more amazing than the cupcakes themselves. For the smell of delicious Ghiradelli chocolate wafting through my tiny kitchen ignited my senses and satisfied my need to feel fulfilled. Immediately, I felt so much better. I thought to myself, all I really need in this world is peace, love, and chocolate–hence the name of this blog 🙂 Clever, eh?

[Of course, I’m sure my husband is crying out, “Hey! What about me?!” I’d say, “Honey, of course I need you too! But your name doesn’t really go well with my sentence, right? ;-)] 

I didn’t realize that the recipe yielded A LOT of cupcakes. It turns out 32 is a little bit too much for two people to share, so I brought some to work. With a little bit of nudging from a coworker and my hubby, I started to think more about a baking blog, and why on earth would I ever keep one. Here’s what I came up with.


*To change my perception of cooking

I realized that I’ve always thought of cooking the same way as going to court. Nobody likes going to court. I want to spend as little time in there as possible. Get in, get out, no fuss, no frills. Frustration kicks in when I have to spend more than 40 minutes in the kitchen. But really–cooking is really an art form, and I really need to change that, because the end result is what matters.

*To keep me focused on doing something that I enjoy

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and nothing can change that. No matter what my husband (and mom) says, I can always depend on advances in future technology to help me get my teeth back…that is, if I ever lose it by eating too much sweets! Of course, over the years, I’ve developed this small resistance to sugar. I try to keep it minimal, but my idea of minimal may not be the same as yours.

*To become a better baker!

Obviously, practice makes perfect, right? I daydream a lot about one day being able to go around to different places, eat desserts, and take pictures of them, and then write about them. *Sigh* Wishful thinking. Well, I guess it’s not too far from reality.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some chocolate to drool over.


  • Although ovens will vary a little bit, I’ve found that baking for 15 minutes is best, rather than the 20 minutes that the recipe suggests.
  • You can always make the frosting while the first batch is baking. This will save you some time later, as the frosting do need time to thicken and form (about an hour in the fridge).

2 thoughts on “Because a crappy day deserves cupcakes

  1. I LOVE your first post 🙂 Because I can actually picture you saying it and I have a feeling you will inspire me do try more baking in my kitchen. Keep ’em coming! Also, thanks for the blogroll, nice to check the other ones out too.

  2. First, I’d like to say cool story bro. Very well done. It’s nice because I can really imagine your cramped kitchen. Don’t forget to bake something for our wedding. Cupcakes would be nice. We’re expecting about no more than 50 people. :-)… I can’t do emoticons 😦

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